Become a sponsor

PLS sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to build meaningful relationships with students who influence today’s decision-makers and will soon become decision-makers themselves.

Building Campus Market

Colleges spend an average of $72 million on external vendors annually. SBPs are involved in many of those decisions and operate the budget of their own student organizations. PLS provides ample opportunity to heighten your brand visibility among these leaders and directly engagement them in person throughout the weekend’s events.

Recruiting Talent

These students represent the best and brightest, nationwide. Having all these young minds at PLS offers potential employers the perfect venue to court and attract top talent. We host focused panels and networking receptions to give time and attention to making sure student leaders can connect directly with top industry leaders.

Championing Key Issues

Whether you are a company with a social cause or a nonprofit building a wider audience, PLS is a unique venue to engage with the country’s top campus movers-and-shakers (200+ student leaders to be exact). PLS shapes NCLC’s work for the upcoming academic year and focuses students’ collaborative work.

 Sponsors at the 2018 Presidential Leadership Summit